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Mission Statement

At Planet Whale we believe that if everyone got to see a whale or dolphin in the wild, the world really would be a better place.
More people than ever: searching and rating trips; blown away by amazing encounters; inspired to help these awesome animals. Job done!


Project Outline

‘Facebook meets Trip Advisor meets ‘Save-the-Whales’

Planet Whale is a website that plans to have the most positive impact on whales and dolphins since the ‘Save the Whale’ campaign of the 1980s. Every year millions of us set out to see these amazing animals, but how do we find the trips that will give us the best experiences, while respecting the well-being of these gentle giants at the same time?

Planet Whale encourages everyone to see whales and dolphins in the wild, and in a responsible way; to discover the world's whale watching operators . . . and rate them! A fun, accessible site for the biggest possible audience: Will Smith, Kylie Minogue, Jackie Chan, Myley Cyrus, Deepak Chopra, Penelope Cruz, me, you, your gym instructor - everyone. Together we will raise the standard for global whale watching and inspire millions of people to connect with nature.

With our free search facility you can track down the worlds most awesome whale and dolphin trips. Then, when you’ve been splashed by dolphins or rocked by singing whales, go tell all your friends at Planet Whale; deliciously alive with your reviews, news, gossip, pics and vids - plus check out what's going to float your boat next.

And its here for everyone to use: whale watchers, operators, businesses and charities. Together we can all be ambassadors for whales and dolphins . . . and were gonna have a lot of fun doing it!

Press Pack

For more information and background on Planet Whale download our press pack here


2013 Responsible Whale Watch Partnership:Click here to read more about the partnership